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Lilith, Ishtar, Inanna, Astaroth statue Pagan paganism God Altar sculpture, Feminine Wisdom, Wicca

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Lilith, the first Adam’s beloved, the demoness in Jewish demonology, the mother of demons,handmade wooden goddess statue from ecological material for wood gifts, witches decor.

  • Height: 9 inches
  • Width: 3.5 inches
  • Depth: 1.57 inches

LіІіth is the first beloved of Adam, created from dust and equal to him according to the plan of the Creator. Stubborn and eternally rebellious, she leaves Adam, not wanting her equality.
Adam and LіІіth did not succeed in intimacy, she never became his wife, she simply flew away from him. She is the image of a woman who could not become a wife. She did not materialize into a full-fledged person but became a demon.
So LіІіth comes to men in a dream to suck their energy. She evokes dreams of a sexual nature, fantasies that a man cannot afford in reality, and takes the released energy into the world of impurity.
In myths, she is represented by the very devil of Hell, devouring babies and creating other nightmares.
The Kabbalistic book "Zohar" says that Lilith became the wife of Satan himself and the mother of his children. They say that this image of a demoness migrated to Satanism. There she is revered along with other dark and evil goddesses - Kali, Hel, Ereshkigal.
She is energy embodied in one way or another in every woman. The energy of LіІіth can be opposed to the energy of Eve. Eve and LіІіth are present in every woman, but one of these archetypes, as a rule, prevails; this is how the law of unity and struggle of opposites is realized in a woman.
LіІіth personifies eternal femininity, an irresistible temptation for a man, seduction and pride, intelligence, freedom, independence, and rebelliousness. And fearlessness. LіІіth lived at the call of a rebellious heart, fearing neither Adam, nor God, nor the torments of Hell.
She is both the voice of the depths and the voice of heaven. The mind that has tasted the "forbidden fruit" and cognized the comparative perception, Good and Evil, will always try to understand its nature in order to attribute it to one of the poles. But with LіІіth, this is not possible, because she herself did not eat that fruit. She does not know Good and Evil. She is the embodiment of Eros, striving all the time to go beyond, to surpass, not giving her actions unnecessary evaluations and not putting forward judgments. That is why Lilith is so close to creative personalities and is deified by them, while for individuals seeking to shove humanity into narrow frameworks and rules, she is disgusting and seems to be the devil himself.
LіІіth, like all demons and other forces of evil, was created by God in order for a person to have freedom of choice.