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Headlight for Road, Mountain Commuter Bicycles

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  • Bike Headlight ★ Upgraded and improved version of the original classic MJ-900, which has sold millions of units around the world. It is well suited for urban, road and mountain biking.
  • Powerful Luminus SST-40 LED ★ Single Luminus SST-40 LED capable of puting out a maximum of 1500 lumens(ANSI NEMA FL 1-2009 standards) A slightly warmer color tint allows the rider to see better in the dark. Object colors and details are better revealed, shadows and glares become less of an issue.
  • Safe, Convenient and Versatile ★ 3 Brightness settings and 2 flash modes ★ 1500/1000/500 lumen brightness modes, 2 flash modes. For road cyclists, safety features also include optional, independent DRL mode and side lighting. Vertical blinds diffuse beams from shining direclty at oncoming traffic.(Not a hard cutoff)
  • Compatible with Garmin Style Mounts ★ Adopts the quad lock style mounting mechanism, compatible with a wide variety of helmet mounts, handlebar mounts etc. Outer shell is full aluminum alloy for durabiltiy and better thermal properties.
  • 7.2V 2.6Ah Capacity USB Rechargeable Battery Pack ★ MJ-6112 battery pack comes default with 2.6Ah capacity. Providing 1.5 hours of runtime at ' maximum brightness level and on DRL mode alone the battery can last 25 hours on a full charge. Power switch shows red at 30% battery and flashing red at 5%