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Creepy Werewolf Mask

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Give all of your friends unending nightmares when you jump out from the shadows wearing your creepy wolf mask!

Terrify any and all when they gaze upon your new face!

Wolf mask made from luxury long-pile two toned grey faux fur attached to a sturdy base.

- Markings drawn on with high-quality black fabric marker.
-Mouth is made of a black mesh material to help with breathing and prevent your voice from sounding muffled.
-Teeth are made of white foam and painted to be realistic
-Nose is made of black plastic.
-Eyeholes made of black mesh fabric, giving the mask a haunting look and allowing you to see through!
-Glass eyes with a golden design.
-Mask sits and covers the whole of your head lending itself to a more immersive experience and a highly realistic character.
-Moving jaw if desired
-Impress all around you with the enormous 7" high wolf ears also attached to the head for a seamless transition!
Realistically crafted from luxury long-pile white grey fur outside with black tips. Grey and black faux fur inside.
Fur trimmed to make them look gorgeous and dramatic!
One of the ears has bite mark details to make them look realistic and powerful!
Wire and craft foam inside to make them stick up, and so you can customise them to whatever shape the ears allow!
-The Mask is fully lined with a black balaclava and fleece to give a soft, quality feel.