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Climbing Leopard

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For a statement-making centrepiece, look no further than this leopard-luxe rug designed by fashion luminary.


Introducing the leopard print to her infamous wrap dresses in 1974, the confident motif has been an iconic mainstay of fashion designs ever since. Translating it for her now long-standing collaboration, this fabulous floorcovering ups the drama in any space by depicting a climbing leopard against a rich, emerald expanse.


Captivating as a runner or a rug, the design maximises its stunning depth with its cut pile, hand-knotted silk styling - a luxurious material with a spectacular lustre and impressive durability. It boasts a 150 knot-per-square-inch count, marking the creation's exquisite quality.


Expert artistry is achieved experienced artisans in Nepal, who continue to use ancient techniques to ensure the very best quality and durability.